Parivartana yoga vedic astrology

Shani-Kuja exchange, in radix or navamsha, in kendras from lagna "in fateful degrees". Should Mars and Saturn exchange their Rashis or Navamshas, be in fateful degrees of those Rashis occupied by them , and are placed.

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In Kendras from Lagna , the native's death will be through sovereign wrath or by being impaled by a spear or some such killing weapons. When the Ascendant and Trinal houses are occupied by benefics in strength and their lords mutually exchange places , or are in Angular houses or be associated with or aspected by Jupiter, they bestow the native with sons and grandsons.

Should there be an exchange between the Sun and the Moon in the Navamsha , the native will suffer from phlegmatic disorders. Should the Sun and the Moon be in one Rashi having identical longitudes , the native will be emaciated at all times. If Venus and Mars exchange their divisions , the female will go after other males. If the Moon be simultaneously in the 7th house, she will join others with consent of her husband.

See these example charts for the remarkable "rescue" effect of good planets in Pari-varta-amsha. Mars and Saturn exchange their Rashis or Navamshas,. I am just a learner of Astrology and trying to help people with my knowledge.. I will look in to the Ju-Ra problem but if this related to you then kindly send the details of your birth. It refers to the condition of at. It is necessary to clarify the effects of parivartana yoga. When the parivartana occurs, the planets.

What is Parivartana Yoga

These three forms of parivartana are called;. The tattva if shared by the two planets indicates a sharing of energy to complete the task. If the. The state of the two planets in the parivartana as being in exaltation or debility should also be. Both planets are well placed in their signs, showing that the change. If Jupiter were to be placed in the fourth house, whilst Moon is placed in the fifth house,. Or in another instance, you may begin acting like a child. It will be nice if you can post your problem separately in a new thread so that you get a good answer and the use of the thread goes in right way.

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Parivarthana Yoga : The basics

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All Activity Home IndiaDivine. Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. Recommended Posts. Report post. Posted May 4, The results of Parivartamsha are sometimes helpful; sometimes parivartana can make a bad situation even worse.


Results depend entirely on the characteristics of the grahas which are exchanging their rashis. There are three varieties of parivartana yoga: good, bad, and great. If one of the grahas in the parivartana yoga rules a dusthana domains 6, 8, or 12 , then the other graha will be damaged. According to K.

PariVartana Parivartamsha Yoga * Planets Exchange Signs * BP Lama Jyotishavidya

Charak p However, the dusthana lord will be strengthened by its interaction with the other non-dusthana partner. Kahala Parivartamsha Yoga. If one of the exchange partners is lord of domain-3, kahala yoga applies. The non-L-3 partner cannot be a dusthana lord. If the non-L-3 partner would be a dusthana lord, the yoga would be Dainya, above. The non-L-3 partner would be lord of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, or The L-3 partner infuses the parivartana with courage, competitiveness, communications enthusiasm, and all of the powers of L This yoga is considered beneficial with some limits.

The limits on benefits is that L-3 gives mentalization, which can be superficial and repetitive as well as distracting from wisdom. Kahala yoga will energize the talking, scheming, competing mind to go out and get stuff done. Maha Parivartamsha Yoga. When the lords of 1, 2, 4, 5, 7,9,1 0, or 11 get exchange of signs, Maha Yoga results. An important difference: Parivartamsha vs.

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  8. The Yoga of Parivartan exchange of signs strengthens both planets even if they are both malefics - possibly increasing their evil capacity, but always dignifying both. September 23, September 23, September 19, September 19, Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. If Sun and Mercury are in the same house without combustion moudyam is called Nipuna yoga or Budha-Aditya yoga.

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    Result: A person born with this yoga is highly intelligent, skillful in all works, He will have a good reputation, Respectable, and will be surrounded by all comforts and happiness. Parivartana yoga. When two planets exchange houses, they gain some strength and behave as if they are located each in its own house.

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    8. By exchange they get linked to each other. If the lord of good house establishes an exchange with a benefic house, good results are produced. However when adverse houses are involved the results too are adverse. This yoga is produced by the occupation of the 6, 7, and 8th houses from the moon by benefics Mercury, Jupiter and Venus This gives rise to high status.