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How Gay You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus and Scorpio each have missing qualities, but they also see those qualities in the other person. Both have a magnetic polarity causing them to believe that together they make up a whole and complete person and this is true to a great extent. Scorpios play the part of a gentle soul, a cold individual or someone who is not remotely interested, but deep down, behind all of that is someone who is fired up and screaming to show their intense emotions.

Though such situation comes up usually in romantic relations only but sometimes even close friends and siblings also miss to express themselves but truly admire and stick to each other for fulfilling their goals. While nothing can bring Taurus down in their stance they so proudly keep, insinuation can. It is a cruel and inept way of doing so and Scorpio can do just that. And they do just that. They continue to do so, as long as they can continue to soar upward, feeling the enlightenment that comes along with such behavior while dedicating them in defending the helpless.

The common grounds of Taurus and Scorpio lie in the reserved and calm nature they both possess. Taurus and Scorpio are two such people who once decide to keep up a relationship, can do anything for maintaining it. As such they make some of the best and unbreakable bonds. Friends, siblings, relatives and colleagues are very cooperative and helpful to each other in all the ways with true sense of responsibility and love for each other. In business they can create great success as they both are intelligent, love to have good status and understand the value of money.

Romantic relationship can be a slow one for these sun signs but once they decide over their relationship, it is usually strong and compassionate. It works the best when Taurus woman and Scorpio man are involved. Parenthood is one of the biggest responsibilities cherished by both of them and they love to teach and protect their little ones passionately. Taurus and Scorpio do have a very healthy relationship but at the same time there remains a threat of irrevocable break downs which can be caused by their stubbornly decisive nature and their different approach to a few things.

Loyalty plays a key factor in this scenario. And they both have that going for them as well, for each other as well as for loved ones. They both move mountains against all odds for the ones they love. However, they expect payback with their kindness. I am a 62 yr old Scorpio Male that swears i will not get old because by gaining numbers does not mean that i am going to get in bad health or die unless i let the world convince me that i will get sick because i have acquired so many numbers in my life so far that obviously i should be getting to where i really age but i do not age hardly at all.

So i date women who i have the best communications with and they are beautiful like i have always had beautiful youthful women sharing in my life with me but then last January I started to let myself be attracted to women again because i had been celibate for 12 years prior to last January.

Anyway my fiancee i just broke up with on December 1 was a Taurus Woman 37 beautiful with blonde hair to her waist when i met her but now she wears it right at her shoulders w blue eyes and light complected and she was born in Armenia on April 30,. I will finish writing this tomorrow cause i worked on the computer last night for 12 hours and i was sitting in my chair wrong and my back is hurting bad but it is cuz i have not slept and my body is very tired.

I have no physical problems except i do take the lowest dose of blood pressure medicine you can. I Loved my Taurus Woman but she had to have money from Me and i think it is because she is a Millinyea Baby and she thinks she is entitled to what ever she decides to do and all men are her slaves and i say bullshit. I hate for any chick to boldly ask me for money unless they do not have any Money to buy there personal items when they need them. But that was not her problem but her Attitude was she needed money to live on and since she was in a relationship with Me she expected me to give her money every time i made money, which was almost everyday but that is normal for Me so i am able to survive pretty good.

She did not care the only person she cares about is herself period and i stayed full of drama because of her constantly asking me for money and I did not understand why i had to give her my money, when she makes good money on every deal she makes. To meet at Phoenix Sky Harbor at I am so pumped with Adrenaline on my way there and thanking God for her picking me up because we met on line at a sex pickup site. So since she did not answer me i parked in the parking area and went to the luggage area and had her paged and text her and told her i did, and she text me back immediately and told me that i could not keep her safe so she called a friend to pick her up instead of Me and she told me to go home and she would go to my house that night.

So i lost my cookies cuz i could not believe she did not meet me on purpose. And i told her i do not believe you even flew down here because i had suspected that i was being conned by her since day one. But i make people hurt me as deeply as possible so i will remember i cannot trust them to be a part of life anymore. But i love that Woman so deeply i was beside myself and unable to think clearly after that happened for almost 4 days i chewed her ass off and i thought i was unable to stop doing it to her but i did finally stop after i made my point. Every thing according to Astrology about us was so positive i thought i was a winner but i am not.

Because we broke it off and she has not spoken to me since. He is distant and doesnt share his feelings very well, if at all?

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Taurus

I really like him and want to be with him. As another Scorpio woman married to a Taurus man, I can completely understand. And I can tell you it gets better, communication is key. Be open-minded with skepticism, this is just a prediction. Taurus is headstrong not stubborn. Yes, they can resist change, but not because they are rigid, but because they tend to develop deep emotional ties with the routine. If you go to movie or dinner, continuously for Sundays, for few weeks, he would consider that as a ritual and it would become part of his routine.

For rest of your life, he would be ever willing to take you out. Yes, Taurus has that unique ability in them that I did not find in any other zodiac. You can mould them by habit, bit by bit. I am a Scorpio Woman, I used my seductive and charming powers over him to nudge him to do that. But you gotta hold his hands through any change initially for they are unsure, uncertain and jittery through change initially unlike their original nature.

But once he gets comfortable in that change, sit back and enjoy, welcome to Taurean way of things. Be ready to be surprised. You yourself would now witness the change in a new light or perspective that you hardly ever had. Also do not try to make Taurus jealous or the sort we, Scorpio, do to test the interest of our mate.

Taurus does not like his interest flirting with other men. Yes it does make them jealous but in the wrong way. Instead of pursuing you, they might withdraw.

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So take care. Of all the Zodiac signs, only cool-headed Taurus that he is, can handle, support and stand by a Scorpio woman through all her difficulty all Scorpio women out there know how we behave in our emotional life crisis. It is this enormous mental stability and inner power that enables him to handle all that Scorpio throws out in anger. No other zodiac, be it what some astrology websites say best love matches for Scorpio being Pisces and Cancer, can support or even handle Scorpio at its worst, Pisces and Cancer might run away or just stand there and let things take their own toll.

Only the Taurus could handle and take things head-on. This man delivers when times are bad. But only when he is at calm and peace internally. Taurus, when hurt emotionally, like when I spewed some venom stung him at one time. He withdrew completely, became self-destructive, like without purpose or goal. Only when I apologized profusely and turned the heat on in bed amazing sex! Taurus, unlike some silly astrology websites claim of his raging anger, does not get angry easily.

It takes a lot to get this man, angry! When others are blowing their trumpets when they are angry, he simply recluses himself into silence. Only when someone persists in their wrongdoings, does he face the quintessential Taurean wrath. I am very very happily married to a Taurus for more than 7 years. Only a Taurus can satisfy a Scorpio woman in sex, no Pisces or Cancer can do that, not even remotely close. Even after 7 years, it stills feels pretty fresh with him. The magnetism is breath taking. My vote for my love, Taurus.

Thank you so much for writing that, am a scorpio male with a sort of new , Taurus woman, you shed light on things, Please join my group on facebook Scorpio paradise I would really like to talk with you. Met with a Scorpio man 15 years old than me about half year ago. However his other character are unforgettable. He was always lying, and even if he did something wrong or hurtful he never sincerely said sorry to you. Also he is very talkative and restless, calculating.

Even he is with you a woman good enough for him , he still could be very flirting to other woman. He has big ego, supposing he is very successful since he was young. He wants a woman like a queen who could put glory on his face. A person very peacockish. It ended with I left him firmly—not a right type for me. Some of them are suspicious, resentful, calculating very , stingy, designing and dramatical.

It would be too much for our Taurus people. We are simple, stable and sincere. A friend introduced us and he came with high recommendation. I fell for him hook line and sinker. He asked me to move in within 6 months. He waa the sweetest loving affectionate. One day a woman calls apologising telling me he ghastly been staying with him. Turns out they had a falling out and to hurt him she called me. I was do vexed my boy learns a bout it and I tell him I wanted nothing to do with him. He is busy pleading etc. Next he is telling me he loves me n the baby blah blah.

Because of some issues he has to leave the country and it was all within weeks of this happening. I have since heard he is using me to drain all my funds. I have loaned him money which he cleverly pays back in drips. He has been gone less than a month but calls are reducing although he picks up when I call him. He also tells a fibs which when confronted he would be nonchalant in his reply. Do you think he is worth holding on to? Combine that with something silky that feels fantastic and shows off all your natural curves and the Taurus man will be like putty in your hands.

Actually, not like putty. The opposite of putty. Sex with the Taurus man will be vigorous. Love, friendship, loyalty and sex are all a part of the same wonderful continuum. For the Taurus man, the journey and the destination are almost one and the same thing. Sounds fantastic. Almost too good to be true. If you like sex to be adventurous and varied, you may find the Taurus man a less than willing participant in your on-going carnal experiments.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility

He tends to find something he likes and then he sticks to it. His view of sex as something inherently wholesome means that any foray into the realms of kinkiness is almost certain to meet with his disapproval. Not to mention his acute embarrassment. So, if you looking for someone to engage in Fifty Shades of Grey role-playing sessions, the Taurus man is probably not the best of collaborators. If your tastes run to something a touch darker and a touch more varied, then maybe you should set you saucy little sights on a Gemini.

Click here. Following on from the success of our astrological Love Spells and Affirmations you guys love those things! Each affirmations has been expertly created to help you The Aries man is driven and determined. Here are some quotes straight from the mouths of famous Aries men, illustrating just what you might be letting yourself in for! I'm addicted We actually cherish the ones we make love to. My record with a woman was 18 times in one session. Theyre very conservative so dont go acting premiscuos being feminine elegant smart classy smelling yummy is a must u have to show him your loyal and faithful its a must!!

Sincerely leo woman newly engaged to her taurus man p. Good luck ladies. In bed, he is intense, gentle, passionate and strong all at once. The sex gets better everytime. He has enormous sensuality. We can talk for hours, and lots of laughs too. Hmmmmm ive been seeing this taurus guy for almost two years im interested in settling down with me he makes my mind n body go wild im just so attracted to him its like hes a drug and im a fein omg i swear just thinking about him sets my skin ablaze inside n out i just gotta know how to make him mine cause i cant stand for any other women to get near him i must have him asap Young Leo lady in love.

I prefer fore play before the buried treasure gets dug.. They way he stares into my eyes is the main thing I keep thinking about. He is so sweet! As taurus, when it comes to sex we want a lots of sex. We are like chefs; we patiently prepare our partners to be fully satisfied. We want our partners to be readily aroused when the moment comes. Taurus starts early in the morning whispering sexual things in their ears and call them at noon, just to talk dirty. When she comes home her desires are already heighten and ready.

I might not have the 18 times in one session that Liam had, mine was 8 times the most and I want all my partners to come at least 4 times per session or more, this way my partner is always glowing, satisfied and happy with ecstasy. He really is the sweetest, most thoughtful and most respectful friend I have.

And after reading the above article, why not. Which they all have lol. Our 1st time alone was Magnetic. We stayed together for more than 24hours on our 1st date. He took care of me the whole day.

How to: Win the Heart of a Gay Taurus

I was high off of him. In my personal opinion — everything it says about a Taurus man is true. I am Taurus male, the article says all about the taurus very well, I always want to start the sex slowly with romance , lot of Kissings, teasing , licking and finally I go for intercourse. Yeah i Always like missinary and spoon positions , sticking to some positions also I like to try new too.

Yeah as a taurus I will be in sexual intercourse for a long hours. Even after sex completes I like to hug and kiss a lot. No heart to run away. So passionate in sex. This is definetely accurate. We do last long.

The Taurus Woman

But we are not so much creative in bed so you females must ask. But we care so much to satisfy our partners. Our partners comes first in everything we do. Be prepared for a long night. We just prefer to be the dominant of the 2. Maybe this Taurus is just a little different though. Ur palms on dey bk an lettn dem nw hw u feel also u may tnk dis is gay bt dey love listenin an tkin ur mind of stuff as well as they the a women who behaves bitchi an hate suprises.

My boyfriend is a Taurus and I am a Cancer…. I read thru these things for fun and over and over again…. I hear the same thing. Your Taurus man will not push the envelope in bed or become a 50 shades role player.