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Expand your horizons in some way? Some of you may be experiencing Jupiter in here for the first time in your adult life. It is entirely up to us whether we go along for the ride or not. Mind and body are working as one now as physically and psychologically you should be on top form and please read what I have to say about your important transit of Uranus through your sector of health and wellbeing later in this forecast.

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While this may have deepened your understanding of universal truths, it may have also tested you, mind, body and soul. If you have been feeling depleted, your ruler in your 1st restores your energy and your usual optimistic outlook on life. Watch how early this begins in the New year for you as Venus meets Jupiter for the first time in your 1st in 12 years on Jan This comes the day after a total eclipse of the Moon in your 9th. Bearing in mind that eclipses conceal and reveal later, this marks the start of a new beginning but wait for it to fully emerge.

A new romance, a cycle of learning or expansion is about to begin. It all feels like a new beginning for you now — and it is. This also goes hand-in-hand with a new you. This is an excellent time to update your image, to set your intention for the coming year and to step free of the shadows of the past 12 months. Travel, that favourite Sag activity, beckons. Update that bucket list and plan to tick at least one item off it during the next 12 months. Expand yourself into the world on some level. Stretch and above all, big up those dreams. Jupiter in your 1st says if your dream is not coming true it is because you need a bigger one.

Your imagination expands along with you embracing new possibilities. This can be a highly creative period.

Be prepared however to build on your achievements during the first four months of the year or else see the return of a major opportunity during the Jupiter retrograde period which lasts from April 10 until August Above all, watch carefully for something that may have its roots in your last Jupiter in your 1st cycle 12 years ago — and which you may have given up on, returning to you bigger, better and more real than before.

You are at the start of another 12 year journey now. Set your course for the stars! How are you working it, Sag? By this I mean your day job whether this is paid or unpaid work , your routine and your wellbeing. What works for you? Do you feel your work adds value and that you in turn are valued for what you do? Are you valuing that body and your health?

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This of course relates back to Jupiter in your 1st rejuvenating you mind, body and soul. Welcome also Uranus, planet of light bulb moments and revolutionary awakenings in your 6th from March 6. Last year saw it enter this house for the first time in your lifetime. It only spent a few months in here before turning retrograde and heading.

This time it returns to your 6th where it will remain for the next seven years. This may be a very good thing as while Jupiter in your 1st can restore your energy level, if we are not careful its ability to expand extends to us! You could be looking at complimentary health practices, new exercise routines or just making very different choices with what you eat.

Your daily routine will also undergo an overhaul. You will be able to see the difference between a routine which supports you and allows you to be more productive — and a repetitive rut. Making different daily choices and being unafraid to experiment even on a small daily level, will have a major impact not just on how you feel, but in other areas too.

As for that day job —bear in mind that even the most glamourous jobs have their mundane or boring elements.

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Ask any actor waiting on set for hours for their call and then having to do take after take for example. That being said, you are a sign that needs a great deal of freedom and flexibility in order to produce your best work. Uranus is all about an individual or unique approach. It also rules entrepreneurs and inventors.

If you are stuck in a job rut, expect Uranus to shake you free of it. Often in unexpected ways. Working differently and in a way that is aligned with your values, is going to be another benefit of Uranian-style job changes. If it works — work it! Jupiter always wants to bring us benefits and no more so than when he is in our 1st house. This is a time when our power to attract is at its peak. I have found that Jupiter in our 1st house can act as a more powerful magnet when it comes to attracting romance or other partnership opportunities, than the transit of Jupiter through our 7th.

In other words partners or potential partners.

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Romance sparkles along with opportunities to shine when Venus reaches your 5th on April 20 and May 9 sees her make a trine to Jupiter from here making this a day of love, pleasure and attraction. Psychic News Book a reading now. This is your lucky year and Lucky by Melissa Etheridge is your anthem for the next 12 months. Nobody will make it happen but you. They are homely individuals who pay utmost priority to their family and friends.

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