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Once the beginning of the year hits, you will begin to feel more productive in your job. This will help you to get more things done at work. This feeling should last a while, at least until autumn. You may get bored and want to change your job this year. This might be a time to spend more time on your more artistic hobbies. Your hobbies may even give way to a job if you look hard enough for one.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part One

Make sure to make friends with your boss no matter where you work. It will help you to get ahead. Aries Finance Forecasts Aries, you will have the cash to pay for all of your bills and essentials in And, you will have a little bit of spending cash.

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Try to spend your spare cash on things that will make you money, or you can save your money as well. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! Health Horoscope For The Ram The Aries horoscope foretells that you will also feel better physically and mentally if you spend more time outdoors or with your friends than on your phone or staring at some other kind of screen. Your energy levels will have their ups and downs in The more good things you do, and the less drama that you get yourself into, the more energy that you will have.

Read more about Aries Fitness. Test Now! You are likely to be more realistic this year, more focused, and more ambitious. Changes will occur every day to make your life more exciting and dynamic in February is an excellent month to build professional and personal relationships.

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March will be a motivating month, and you will have the energy to do the most difficult tasks. May is when you have to be careful not to get involved in ambitious projects. June is the period when you need to be persistent and have the patience for the tough times to pass. September brings with it interest in spiritual awakening for the Aries zodiac sign. October is when you will be busy with multiple things happening in your life.

December will be a good month for the Aries, and you will feel good helping others too. The more new things that you try and new people you meet, the more fun you will have this year. So go out, and do whatever you need to do to be happy in Your email address will not be published. In astrology, events gain influence by their rarity and, often, their duration. In effect, Pholus and Salacia are now united as one factor, one element.

What these planets represent is worth a bit of reflection. Pholus is a centaur planet, the second discovered after Chiron. Unlike its immediate predecessor, whose action is usually slow and meticulous, Pholus is reactive, and events tend to develop fairly quickly under its influence. One action of Pholus is to uncork the pressure.

Whatever develops can be precipitated by something that is subtle, seemingly insignificant, or catalytic. Salacia, mythological forebear to the word salacious , seems packed with lust and longing and immaturity. Salacia could be great fun, where people are informed and have some grounding in their sexuality.

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What you identify as is not the operative factor; what you do and how you feel is. However, we live in frantic, ignorant times, where many young people are still inflicted with abstinence indoctrination as were many people expected to function as adults today. We live in times of vast pent-up sexual energy. If you can feel it, whether within you or around you, you know what I mean.

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This is an energetic state, and socially, there are strictures restrictions, rules, panic attacks coming from all directions. There is the influence of robotics, from Tinder to porn feeds. Can you blame anyone? Combined with the prevailing disembodied state of the planet, that rarely ever seems like a good idea.

Yet this aspect is holding the power of a bomb. The tension is going to need to go somewhere. Now, consider that Chiron will be passing through this setup over the next year beginning immediately in February , bringing matters into awareness, perhaps to crisis level. Individually, for you, this is describing the nature of your awakening: what its constituents are, and how much energy is contained in it. There is no way to be a mature and functioning adult without being able to relate in a level way with other mature, functioning adults, and this is impossible without a mature approach to sexuality.

This whole scenario represents a significant part of Chiron in Aries for you, a kind of initiation at the beginning of the transit where you go through some kind of test — and gain confidence as a result. Referring back to Jupiter conjunct Saturn in Aquarius, this conjunction specifically describes a rare development of social confidence. There is the question of the social acceptability of individuating. This is where you must not falter or yield.

You are in the vanguard. You will be getting the first and most potent infusion of Chiron, and you are already under the influence of Salacia. Said another way, conformity is not an option. And part of the key to the lock will be gaining a deeper understanding of, and trust of, your sexuality. This is elemental to your life and your relationships, like the blood coursing through your veins. Old material comes up, and new territory must be explored. We need teachers who have been through the process, and have emerged successfully.

What you are looking for are people who are loving and open-minded, and who do not live their lives driven by dogma. One necessary element of a valid teacher is courage. Seen one way, Chiron passing through the Pholus-Salacia square is calling on you to express your passion. You are alive, you have your purpose, you have your desires, and you still seek your freedom. You will get clear messages that present you with options to make changes.

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Those changes need to be engaged with action rather than merely in principle. Ethics is a topic of prime importance where Chiron is concerned, and needs to be a correspondingly urgent place to focus your awareness and action. Should you evade that, then the next step is typically a kind of breakdown of a system in your life: a support system, financial system, your health, a relationship, a business. Be assured that nearly every element of our cultural milieu will give you at least some resistance, including people you consider your friends.

Your choice to grow and mature will threaten all those who do not choose to do so. None of this can stop you. It must not. Summon your wisdom, and get ready to get real. Our planned destination on this journey is the alignment of late the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius. The chart presents a picture of you having found your place in the world, in your community and in your profession.

This is a place of responsibility and of creative action, in that order. Yet to get there, you will need to go through an initiation in the 10th house, described by the movement of Saturn and Pluto, which form a conjunction in early on Jan. Yet the year leading to the Saturn-Pluto conjunction — our current year — will bring many important challenges that will guide you in the direction of the true calling described by Jupiter-Saturn. The journey itself is through Capricorn, the sign related to the structures of society, and in the microcosmic sense of that, to family.

On Dec. If you do the work of Pluto and Saturn, you are likely to experience an opportunity presented by Chiron. The essence of the 10th is responsibility, a topic that is distinctly unpopular in our time in history. Responsibility always starts with your ability to be responsive to your environment and your situation.

It expands from there. This is not about doing for the sake of impressing anyone, or doing for the sake of others; your task is to take on the challenges of your own life — for a purpose that you may not understand today, but which you will understand when you arrive there — and by there, I mean Aquarius, the 11th house.

But you get there via the 10th — by being responsive and responsible. This is something you will earn, not something that will be handed to you. One theme of the 10th is direction. In our world, direction is one of them. This is not a career development project; Chiron in Aries prevails.

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You are in a personal development project. While this is indeed about reputation, we could say that responsibility exceeds reputation. I am talking about the tasks and goals you have come here to do, specifically to develop yourself and to contribute to the world — both, at once. That means the ability to administrate your life, make decisions and be accountable to yourself. The 10th house would be the one that covers this.

This has had several modes of action. One has been to disrupt your status quo over and over again, compelling you to put it back together. Then there is the focusing quality of Pluto. If you have a sense of mission, Pluto is your best friend — and if you need a sense of mission, Pluto can be a fantastic teacher. In our modern context, we give Pluto props for being a spiritualizing influence in astrology, what you might think of as the reclamation of shadow material. There is room at the top — particularly for people who want to take charge of their lives and do things well, in a time of global upheaval.

In a funny way, though, your chart looks like an image of the Secretary of Agriculture ascending to the presidency through some strange set of circumstances. The 12th, Pisces, Neptune and Nessus all have a way of operating invisibly and below the level of awareness. This takes practice.

The other caution of this house is that you not get lost in fantasies. There is a difference between fantasizing and physical experience: the difference being that one leads to growth, and the other is a kind of cul-de-sac that can easily lead nowhere. You have not had an experience until you have actually done something, experimented, explored and engaged the potential to fail or make a mistake. As for experimenting, anything worth trying once is worth trying two or three times, to see how you actually feel about it. Most of the time, once is not enough. We live in the age of the Social Justice Warrior — the latest huckster claiming they will make the world a better place.

You have Uranus moving through Taurus, your 2nd house, which represents a values revolution that will influence you personally, and which to some extent the world will experience as well. Uranus in Taurus would seem to be the meeting of two opposites — Taurus values stability, tradition and a warm lunch, while Uranus upends these things for lunch. Uranus says expect the unexpected, and is a reminder that reality forever changes. I would sketch out three basic levels to this transit, within slightly different contexts.

The first is practical. Your 2nd house influences your available cash. There can be wild financial swings under this kind of Uranus transit, and you must be mindful of them. Save cash; keep your investments solid. Buy only what you need. Be particularly careful of investments involving technology, whether that means what you put in your home and office, or financial instruments such as stocks.

This transit is likely to have a destabilizing effect on the world economy and you must hedge your bets. That said, make sure you have what you actually need. If your business involves the use of a computer, get a good one.

Aries January 2020

If you depend on a vehicle, invest in a safe and dependable one. The next level is an experiment in self-esteem. This transit will be guiding you to think of yourself in different ways — in unexpected ways — and will encourage you to violate some of your most deeply held personal traditions. Make sure you remember what is truly important to you, even as you continue to discover what is. Yet on this level, the essence is self-esteem. However, perhaps this is more easily understood as something earned with yourself than as something merely claimed, and part of how you earn it is by making gradual progress.

That said, Uranus can represent revolutionary changes, and you may find yourself thinking very differently about who you are, and how you represent yourself in the world around you. This is dangerous, because first it can have no bearing in lived reality, and second, if you find yourself no longer accepted, your self-respect can tank. So make sure you own your evaluations of yourself, be fair, and look for signs of progress. Both demand leadership by example.

Both demand that you be adaptive and that you take ownership of your life. Saturn in your 10th is a rare and potentially very helpful transit, because it indicates a period of achievement. You are, potentially, in one of the great periods of achievement in your life, or you are entering it now. Those ideas are yours to use and explore. Write them down. Develop them. Let yourself go new, interesting, and weird places. Then you must master the gift of harnessing the creative power of your mind, which is largely about discernment.

While this is happening, your 10th house transits are giving you the opportunity to achieve , and Chiron in Aries is driving you to become. In this sense, Uranus in Taurus is a resource. It will encourage you and in a way liberate you to think differently and to think in interesting, quirky ways. I want to call it to your attention. But the whole notion of growth would seem to imply becoming different, which in some way implies not accepting something about yourself.

I think this trips up more people than we might imagine, and it can be poignant with Chiron in Aries, for you or for anyone. As one of the noteworthy teachers of the s said, we are addicted to paradoxes. So we might let that part go: any attachment to the seeming contradiction, or its resulting frustration. I think the real problem is judgment. The notion that you might want to be a better guitar player does not need to come with judging yourself for not playing the way you want to. Rather, you choose to improve, and you can — if you want — take the steps to do so. That in itself might require maturity being disciplined enough to practice; finding a teacher you can work with, and whom you respect.

Of course, the material may be far more personal or painful than wanting to play a musical instrument. In any event, I have seen that the essential factor is not judging yourself unworthy or bad. This alone is vital learning, for which the seeming issue is a kind of ruse. And it is. Remember that what we call growth and becoming are more often about bringing out something within you that is already there.

As you move through your process, remind yourself of that often. There are no shortcuts; there is only a journey to yourself — what A Course in Miracles describes as a journey without distance to a destination that has never changed. Suzhou Architecture Doors, China. Chiron in Aries The focus of your astrology, now and for the foreseeable future, is Chiron.

The Human Potential Ethos The last time Chiron entered Aries, about 50 years ago, there was an ethos in society much more supportive of people doing their thing, pushing personal limits and daring to enter the territory of change; of their personal unknown, come what may. Environment and Liminality The environment — its features and qualities — tends to hang out below the level of liminality: the threshold of awareness.