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Description Details Versions. Publisher Description. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on One such basic and easily noted condition is what is known as vargothamamsa, or vargottama. This occurs when a planet in the navamsha occupies the same sign as its horoscope placement. This is a beneficial situation, and Hindu scriptures state that the planet will give results similar to those given when posited in its own sign.

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A planet in its fallen sign, being vargottama, is of course only worse off. One must bear in mind, however.

Therefore aspects and conjunctions in this chart should never be used, despite the fact that some astrologers attempt to do so. Also, planets are posited in signs in the navamsha, but there are no degrees for them. The navamsha is essentially used to color the actual horoscope.

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There is no question that specific results can be delineated from the proper use of the chart, but the conditions revealed must be balanced with the natal horoscope. For example, if Jupiter is fallen in the 10th house of the navamsha, one may expect disturbances in the person's career.

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However, the intensity of difficulties will depend upon the condition of the 10th house of the actual birth chart. There is one consideration, especially for Westerners, which must be taken quite seriously.

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  6. And that is that when a 30 degree sign is divided into 9 parts, each one is only 3 degrees 20 minutes. Therefore since 1 degree equals 4 minutes of arc, an error of 13 minutes in the birth time throws this chart completely off. In many cases a mere 4 or 5 minute discrepancy will give a wrong ascendant for the navamsha.

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    Thus, it is Inappropriate to use the houses in the navamsha unless one is certain the birth time is exact, or unless events proving the accuracy of the divisional chart have been witnessed.